Our strategy and goals

We have, since 2017, been working to implement a new 3-5 year strategy. This work builds on our past experience and expertise in responsible investment practice and research.

Our 3-5 year goals in a little more detail

  • Enhance the integrity of the good money/ethical investment services available to individual investors
  • Help charities and other civil society organisations invest and fundraise in conformity with their objectives and gain investor support for advancing these objectives
  • Improve Corporate Responsibility practices, based on our unique understanding of ethical business
  • Strengthen the influence of investors on companies to adopt stronger policies on long term sustainable and responsible wealth creation

We arrived at these goals as being areas in which we can make a particular contribution as a result of the following strategic reflections:

Our vision:

A financial and corporate system that encourages sustainable and responsible wealth creation and management.

Our mission:

To use research and analysis to identify barriers to people and organisations using investments to foster ethically responsible and sustainable business policies and practices; to identify opportunities to surmount these barriers; and to help investors to exploit these opportunities.

The change we want to be part of

A shift in economic activity towards sustainable and responsible wealth creation and restoration of environmental, social, intellectual and financial capital in a long term partnership with and for the benefit of all stakeholders; and meeting the challenge of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

This transformation will require the decline of some existing industries, the significant refocussing of others and the creation and growth of yet other industries meeting new and existing needs. Overall, it will be beneficial.

Our theory of change

Changes of the sort we seek are most likely when strong public, corporate and professional pressures force changes in the regulatory, public and client requirements within which investment and business operates. Such changes will generate and build upon niche opportunities to demonstrate new approaches that can then be scaled.

We aim to work with charities and other civil society organisations, investment and corporate responsibility managers and ethical investment providers and advisers to identify such potential approaches and to catalyse action on them.

How we will go about this

We plans to address each of our goals on the basis of our long experience of ethical business and investment and with insights from the VigeoEiris database, by

  • creating products, advice, information and lively debate in the good money/ethical investment niche, and growing the scale of successful initiatives
  • advising charities and other civil society organisations on investments and investor related programmes
  • identifying best and lagging Corporate Responsibility practices; and fostering knowledge transfer and build momentum
  • identifying and promoting the benefits of good practice at the interface between investors and corporates and improving the functioning of that interface, aiming to drive sustainability through reallocation of capital, the stewardship of existing assets and the encouragement of corporate leadership.

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