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About the EIRIS Conflict Risk Network

EIRIS Conflict Risk Network, an EIRIS Foundation initiative, is a U.S.-based organization whose purpose is to help investors and companies ensure that they are not exacerbating conflict but actively taking steps to support peace and stability.

EIRIS CRN seeks to empower institutional investors, financial service providers, and other engaged stakeholders by providing them with the tools needed to not only detect exposure to areas affected by conflict but also to work with companies to reduce risks relating to conflict through responsible corporate practices that support peace and stability. By operating as an intermediary between companies and concerned investors, EIRIS CRN is in a unique position to harnesses the collective weight of trillions of dollars in assets to incentivize companies with operations in areas affected by conflict to act upon their duties under respected international standards and ensure they are actively taking steps needed to ensure their operations support peace and stability. Though ambitious, through our work, and with the constant support of our engaged subscribers, we aim to reduce the devastating impact that war can have on local communities.

Moreover, bolstered by its recent transfer to the EIRIS Foundation, a UK-registered charity with over 40 years of experience working to increase the impact of responsible investment, EIRIS CRN is in a stronger position than ever to leverage the combined research experience of both units to analyze and advocate responsible, conflict-sensitive company policy globally.

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